You can now see the agenda for the main track of talks on 28th October below. For the training schedule, see the training page!

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Session Track Url
    Lior Manor
    How to hack AWS accounts, and how to detect it fast - including demo!
    Using OWASP Nettacker For Recon and Vulnerability Scanning
    Building Products with Privacy and Trust as a baseline
    OWASP SAMM 2: Your Dynamic Software Security Journey
    CSP is broken, let’s fix it
    Dev, Sec, Oops: How Agile Security increases Attack Surface
    GraphQL APIs from bug hunter's perspective
    Tag soup – food for mXSS
    Privacy & prejudice: on privacy threat modeling misconceptions
    Final Keynote with Dave Lewis
    Security Facts and Fallacies about Browser Storage
    Use the OWASP Threat Modeling Playbook to Improve your Product Security
    Architect of threat landscape: How to secure your microservice-based system
    Building better security for your API platform using Azure API Management
    Find bugs faster with fuzzing
    DevSecOps @ Amdocs
    Learn race conditions in web apps with OWASP TimeGap Theory
    Securing Docker runtime with DockerENT


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