Training Day

This training is NOT for security experts with many years of experience, but for the rest of us:

The aim is to provide a hands-on, crash course in key application security topics for developers, QA engineers, and anyone new to the AppSec field!

The Training Day is free to attend, however registration is required.

What is this Training about?

This year we are lucky enough to have two parallel training tracks for attendees to learn from.

Track 1 will be focused on traditional web application security and Track 2 will be focused on mobile application security. Both tracks will combine expert trainers with hands-on and practical exercises to help you get a better understanding of your chosen area.


The goal of the training tracks are to enable trainees get the initial understanding and hands-on skills required to find their path in the appsec field,
whether as an appsec professional or as a developer of secure, resilient, and robust code.

Workshop Webinars Url

Session Track Url
Define and Execute Your Product Security Strategy With OWASP SAMM 2 A
Intro to Hacking Web Applications A
Threat Modelling with the OWASP Mobile Top 10 B
Android Mobile Hacking Workshop B
iOS Mobile Hacking Workshop B


View the Virtual AppSec Israel 2020 Training Day schedule.


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